Different types of coworking spaces around the world

According to a recent report by the Confederation of Indian Industries in association with others predicts India’s coworking industry will attract about $400 million in investments this year.

The potential number of seats in the coworking industry that stands at 12-16 million would be believed to be led by start-ups but surprisingly, their contribution is the smallest of the lot, at only 100,000 seats. The highest attributed to large companies at 10.3 million, followed by SMEs that account for 1.5 million, and an equal number of 1.5 million to freelancers.

So, today, let’s look at different kinds of Coworking spaces around the world.  Yes, we understand that shared workspaces concept is relatively new to India as compared to other countries but taking tips from them will not only solve customer problems but also, help to grow this industry.

London offers Coworking Spaces with a Creche

The coworking spaces business in London is booming and according to the latest research from Cushman & Wakefield, Central London saw 2.5 million sq. ft. leased to flexible workspace providers in 2017, a 190% increase on last year. This also means that differentiating one from another becomes difficult. For a price sensitive consumer this may be the best option but for others who want something that eases their lives, coming out with an interesting bait becomes challenging.  But, then it’s London, the global capital for coworking spaces, ahead of New York finding a differentiator wasn’t impossible.

Some coworking spaces in the city now offer their members with child-friendly offices i.e. a creche at a workplace. Young entrepreneurs who aim to excel in both business and being around their children, such workspaces are a blessing. This turns out to be beneficial over having a full-time nanny, that costs too much and even outside play-schools which are time-bound. A scenario like this allows flexibility and payments are made only when using the service.

However, for coworking spaces, adding this feature turns out to be expensive as hiring nurses, operational cost and logistical challenges add to the existing cost. But, if the enrollment is enough and it can generate revenues this can turn profitable.

Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York offer Women-only coworking spaces

Some might question if there is a need for a women’s only shared space. Well, our answer to that is from the women-only gym to happy hours for them, and the hot topic of gender inequality that is making headlines across the world, having a workspace specifically for the females are actually a good initiative.

Apart from the basics, Internet, desk, printers, etc., these workplaces are a great blend of a professional and social life making it safe and trusted place to work. Instead of a foosball, ping-pong tables, these spaces offer activities related to wellness and meditation. It also offers meeting rooms as well as treatment rooms for relaxation, meditation, and therapeutic treatments.  Specific programs like salary-negotiation training and meetups for women from different industries are hosted to give them the required professional help.

Bangkok turns a hotel into shared working spaces

When we got to know about Bangkok’s Continent Hotel turning into a coworking space, we were happily surprised. The 39th floor of the hotel that provides an incredible view of Sukhumvit Road, making it a perfect place to get the feel of the city without it being noisy and bustling to distract from work. Like other spaces, the Continent Hotel provides comfortable seating, fast wi-fi, food, drinks, to anyone who can afford the place. Giving this address to your potential client, business partner or investors is sure to make a good impression.


A picturesque workspace in Hollywood

The word Hollywood is associated with glitz and glamour. But surprisingly, it also houses a coworking space that is situated on Los Angeles’ famous Sunset Boulevard. Housed in the historical 1938 CBS Radio Building, this place offers a magnificent seven-story office space. As it is associated with creativity, the coworking space caters to those working in design, fashion, publishing, and architecture. Popular amongst legends such as Bob Dylan, Orson Welles, and Lucille Ball, it even provides sound stages and recording studios. The interiors that feature large chandeliers, two outdoor decks, North African decorative elements, and huge windows offer a work environment that is enough to get your creative juice going. However, the membership is by application only.


Singapore has a tech-specific shared space

This city has a next-generation coworking space that focuses on developing businesses and nurturing talents in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology. Members of this place are given exclusive access to resources, including an expert panel and in-house startup support system.

Designed for a community and members to bond over ideas and promote synergy. It also offers amazing amenities and facilities, including access to the rooftop pool, BBQ pits, a foosball table and even a sauna, etc. It also offers lots of working space as well as meeting rooms for private meetings with the team or business partners. It is said that it has a well-stocked pantry at all times.

Who knows, when India comes up with a similar or maybe an new idea that will storm the coworking spaces as well as, the customers. Keep watching.


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  96. Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m still trying to process everything as well and I’m glad there’s so much dialoguing about the conference happening online so that we can all share our thoughts together. @Jack I enjoyed the poster sessions a great deal too, especially the ones where I was able to hear directly from the students about their experiences using technology for collaboration and learning! Thanks for sharing your advice.

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  136. Rick,Scripture appears to support this.Romans 7:9-11……..Once I was alive apart from law; but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and I died. I found that the very commandment that was intended to bring life actually brought death. For sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, deceived me, and through the commandment put me to death.In Him

  137. I haven’t read The Jungle Book, Jenny. To be honest my experience with Kipling’s “Just So Stories” made me a little hesitant. But since I’ve learned that this was based on that book I’ve become more curious to give it a try one day.Have you ever reread The Graveyard Book since that day in the garden? I can imagine that it holds up pretty well on a reread, though there’s always a certain magic to discovering a book for the first time.

  138. 2.5 fluid oz of milk for every 1lb of baby= daily food intake (approximately), so your baby should be having about 30oz per day, that will break down into 6x 5oz feeds. I would say that she is eating spot on the right amount. Remember she is only 2 months old and needs all the energy she can get to do all of her growing. If you are really concerned then talk to your health visitor, as long as she is in proportion to her height on her growth chart I really wouldn’t worry too much.