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Are you a startup, a small business, a freelancer or even a large corporation that pays money and buys User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) tools and software? If yes, then you surely agree it is important for companies to invest their resources for UI/UX as it helps improve usability and experience for customers. Even for web designers, a great tool can help them design a  seamless site or an app that looks appealing. Also, such tools help easily add different pages to an existing website and even make necessary changes when required.

However, you can definitely save some money on your smaller projects by using free tools overpaid ones. Some may offer trial versions while some offer basic services completely free; and if not save the entire cost, you can definitely reduce your overall expenditure. Yes, you’d give us valid points like the accessibility of all features won’t be possible, you don’t want to save on a necessary and important aspect, and many more reasons. Okay! We give in but only after you promise to try the below mentioned free design tools for a UI/UX. Yes, use them, compare and then take an informed decision.

Let us give you the names-

4 free design tools for UI/UX that every startup should consider

1. Type Scale

free design tools for UI/UX - Type Scale

A font and its scaling is a crucial aspect for designers and Tim Brown’s Modular Scale calculator is almost like a bible for it.

Type Scale allows users to preview the text using Google fonts and then accordingly change the weight and the type set family to scale it to a perfect fourth, minor third or golden ratio. It also enables real-time review of the text size by showcasing the look on your screen beforehand.

It is an easy-to-use tool where all you need to do is enter the base font size of the body content and then from the available values select it for headers and a small copy. You can even use the values for line-height, margins etc. it has no rule. Experiment, see and use it.

We say Type scale is a great UI tool for figuring out which font works best for your website.

2. Pttrns

free design tools for UI/UX- pttrns

Pttrns is one must-try tools when designing for mobile. It is loaded with features that enable designing for different mobile platforms like Android and iOS and different screen sizes on mobiles, tablets, and smartwatches.

Launched in 2011, in New York, Pttrns offers a collection of mobile design patterns, resources, inspiration, and more. The site publishes content under topics such as book, browser, calendars and time, profiles, recordings, etc. thereby making the designing of the app easy and according to your own desirability. For example, for a hotel app, options like login page on both iOS and Android can be seen and accordingly, the layout about comments, queries, photos etc. can be designed.

Pttrns has a premium version too that is available at as low as $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year.


3. UserTesting

free design tool for UI/UX - UserTesting

Before final implementation or making a website or app live, it goes through a rigorous testing phase. For this, UserTesting is a must try tool that can help to get quick customer feedback on websites, mobile apps, prototypes, and real-world experience. How does it work? UserTesting hires qualified applicants who are dedicated to testing various platforms. It then gives an audio and video recordings of real people from your target market, sharing their views on your desired and specified areas.

The individual plan allows listening to the tester’s thoughts and takes that feedback to improve or strengthen components. The Enterprise account offers more features to provide a better way to enhance the user’s experience. It also extends a project manager who helps with analysis.

The results of the test as available as early as within an hour for a simple self-serve test, to days, depending on the time of day. Also for specific demographic requirements, the result might take longer.

In case of opting for their professional services team to run the study, the typical turnaround time from your first meeting to the final report in two weeks, and more complex studies can take longer. Try the trial version and compare the pricing and features of it to any that you maybe be already using.


4. The UX Project Checklist

free design tool for UI/UX - The UX Project

The goal of a designer is to make the user experience and interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Aesthetics too has a huge role to play in judging the credibility of the website. But, being a subject of personal preference, there is no rule that can determine the visual appeal of the website. However, what can help is a UX Project Checklist that enables companies to stay aligned with business goals, understand the user, and avoiding costly mistakes.

The UX Project Checklist is one of the most comprehensive online UX tools for UX designers. The checklist is divided into 27 key sections:

  • Research
  • Plan
  • Explore
  • Communicate
  • Create
  • Give feedback
  • Finalize
  • Delight
  • Analyze

This list helps to combine some parts of the buyer’s journey into the development phases. Also, for designers, a defined customer set can make it easier for them to create the website or mobile app according to the preference of the targeted group.

The overall web development process can take weeks to months thus, the UX Project Checklist can help them stay on track and make sure they cover all the basics and the important tasks that help in designing a uniform and engaging website. Also, each point of the checklist is also to help a design/product team, in a company to work on one or several projects while following a process.

Do try the above-mentioned tools and software and give your website, mobile app, a look that it deserves and you always desired.


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